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Cycling Stages

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EmergingBalance BikingAges 1.5 – 3
DevelopingLearn to Ride Ages 4+
SecuringLearning Skills Ages 5+
MasteringApplying Skills Ages 9+

Throughout their younger years, children change both physically and mentally into more autonomous people. Our courses are structured to educate children and parents from a first encounter as an emerging rider on a balance bike, to mastering all skills and progressing further, whether that be for BMX, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling or even just simply cycling to school. As children develop and grow, both physically and mentally, as do our courses as they develop your child’s skills so they become more confident, competent and consistent riders. 


Embedded within each stage of riding is developing awareness, increasing levels of safety and, of course, lots of fun to instil a life long passion for two wheels




Ages 18 month to 3 years. 

The Bicycle Society’s Emerging Rider award consists of 45 minute classes with songs, colouring in and of course balance bikes. We sing songs, play biking games and give parents the chance to socialise with their children whilst starting a life long passion for bikes. It is the emotional connection with bikes that is fostered at such an early age and this is nurtured here in the Emerging Rider group.

This foundation phase of development is where children learn how to hold, walk with and eventually balance on a bike. The emphasis at these sessions is on positive experiences and developing a genuine relationship with a bike. Taught indoors with music, children become more comfortable with balance bikes and will start moving independently. 

Parents will find it enjoyable with easy to follow instructions and leaving with a wealth of knowledge about how to practice at home.

Balance Bikes and safety equipment is provided and available to purchase from £88. 


For children aged 4+. 

This magical phase is where children take to pedals for the first time. We GUARANTEE* that everyone can learn to ride a bike without stabilisers. If by the end of the 5th session children need a bit more time to start and stop independently you keep coming for free!

Personalised learning takes place in small groups of up to eight children, where skills and balancing are taught through creative games and engaging challenges.

N.B. Children progress at differing rates, so we offer a Learn to Ride Guarantee. If by the end of the final session your child hasn't learn to start and stop by themselves, we give you a 100% discount code to book onto following sessions for FREE until they can ride.



For everyone who can ride. 

Once your child can ride a bike, the next step is to make sure they can control it! Securing Rider courses instil good habits and amazing confidence. 

All participants will improve with braking, cornering, riding one handed, using gears, raising awareness and getting lots of exercise. This stage of cycling is set in parks and playgrounds. Learning how to ride among other park users, being respectful of the surroundings, climbing trees and getting to be a kid is all part of the Securing Rider package, and most of all, it will prepare children for cycling safely on the road.




Ages 9+

The Mastering Stage is the final stage of The Bicycle Society’s cycling programme. Here children apply skills learnt during the Securing Stage and are supported in making independent decisions and keeping safe whilst on the road and sharing space in a park. In order to become an master rider, riders will experience a variety of styles of riding including BMX, Trick riding, Mountain Biking and cycling on roads for regular trips to friends’ houses, school or simply to the shops. This course will inspire your child to start applying multiple skills in lots of different locations: Skills tracks, quiet residential roads and technical terrain. You can never do everything a bicycle has to offer, but this phase helps explore every option in your area as a family or group of friends. 

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