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Biking Schools




Balance Bike CPD and Learning to Cycle CPD for schools.

CPD Accredited Courses

Terminology that schools understand.

Emerging / Developing / Securing / Mastering - Each stage has its own unique benefits. 

Delegates attending The Bicycle Society’s courses will receive a CPD Certificate of Attendance and can record their attendance towards their formal CPD requirements for their professional body, institute or employer. 

We can teach up to 8 teachers per day to lead active curriculum lessons with bikes and perform basic bike maintenance.

These CPD courses run for 2 or 4 days, however teachers only need 30 minutes per day out of class. 

The CPD Standards Office officially confirms that THE BICYCLE SOCIETY, REGISTERED PROVIDER No. 21211 has been successfully assessed as course provider, and has received formal independent CPD accreditation.

Primary and Secondary Biking Schools

The Bicycle Society has taught in over 300 London schools. Biking Schools incorporate all of our services into sessions which build confident cyclists throughout the whole school. 

Timtetabled to work with the teachers timescales and whole school approach, this unique cycling programmes can see a biking coach in school one day a week offering or targeting in 5-10 week blocks.

  • Curriculum cycling 
  • Cycling rewards
  • After school clubs
  • Classroom lessons
  • Council campaigns
  • Competitions
  • Bike loans
  • Family opportunities

Attainment levels of each child is tracked during the year and certificates given when a child reaches a certain standard.

We have developed the Biking School Partnership with the London Borough of Ealing, School Travel Planners and Senior Councillors. The Biking School either caters for whole schools or target year groups. 


Our Biking Coaches become part of the school community, offering advice for anyone who asks. Coaches deliver Dr bikes, advisor to families , school travel plan manager, bikers breakfast, art projects, school fetes, consultations and much more. 

"I have trained many students at age 10/11 in Yr 6 and I can say that those who have received cycle instruction

in a Biking School at an earlier age show much more confidence when introduced to cycling on the road."

Primary Biking School

Nursery to year 6

The aim of the project is to increase the amount of pupils enjoying cycling through enrichment, skills based activities and to increase trips to school by bike. We have that our games based learning develops positive emotions towards cycling that keeps children wanting to learn more. 

Secondary Biking School

Year 7- 6th form

Re-connect pupils with bikes in exciting and challenging ways. custom design programmes to tie in with busy school schedules

Eight pupils are selected from the eldest year group of the schools as Bike Monitors. These pupils develop ideas, incentives and campaigns for the school and local community. The bike monitors can work in partnership with any local authority campaign and have successfully delivered many TFL STARS projects. 

"There is a noticeable difference in ability when teaching children from a Biking School. 

The trainees are more confident and capable when they are introduced to cycling on roads".

“The ability of the children is really quite amazing, far better than any other year 5 class I’ve taught before.

The training they’ve done in year 3 and 4 has clearly made a big difference".

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